The firm handles defense matters at all levels, including licensing board disputes, arbitrations, and courtroom trials.  Siesennop & Sullivan LLP is a service driven firm and places high value on open communication and client responsiveness.  At the outset of every case we take great care to understand each client’s specific needs, evaluate the existence of viable options, and develop a strategic plan to meet the client’s objectives in a manner that is timely, efficient and cost effective.  Our attorneys also have the skills and experience necessary to reevaluate each client’s goals when appropriate and to adapt to what is often a fast paced and rapidly changing litigation environment.  It is this same experience that allows Siesennop & Sullivan LLP to develop innovative solutions to unique and complex problems and to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.

Siesennop & Sullivan LLP is a litigation defense firm with over 30 years of extensive experience in defending liability disputes against healthcare and construction professionals.  

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