who we are

Siesennop & Sullivan LLP is one of Milwaukee's top litigation defense firms with over 30 years of extensive experience in defending liability disputes against construction and healthcare professionals.  

Our construction practice specializes in contractor liability, construction defect litigation, real estate/broker malpractice and disputes against architects, engineers and design professionals.  The attorneys at Siesennop & Sullivan LLP are well versed in contract law and are intimately familiar with the coverage issues, insurance disputes and property claims that often accompany these matters.  

An equal portion of the firm’s practice is dedicated to defending professional healthcare providers. Over the years, the firm has developed a specialty in defending nurses, dentists, chiropractors, and therapists, both in the courtroom and in disciplinary and  licensing board disputes.  Siesennop & Sullivan LLP has also developed a specialty in defending nursing homes and assisted living facilities against negligence and wrongful death claims.  These cases have been successfully tried and defended in both the State and Federal Courts.  

 A key component to the services we provide is to assess and minimize risks for our insurance, corporate and individual clients. In performing this function, we routinely evaluate policies and procedures, effectively deal with licensing and regulatory agencies, critically assess contractual and insurance issues, and evaluate budgeting, safety, and resource allocation strategies.  In doing so, the attorneys at Siesennop & Sullivan collaborate with all levels of management, address difficult and controversial issues, and develop creative and cost effective solutions to unique and rapidly evolving problems.  Through open communication and collaborative input, we develop concrete strategies and workable solutions for our clients’ unique litigation needs while providing exceptional value for the services we provide.

Many of the attorneys at Siesennop & Sullivan LLP have more than 30+ years of litigation experience and are repeatedly recognized by their peers, judges and the legal community as being at the top of their respective fields.  Through hard work and dedicated perseverance, the attorneys at Siesennop & Sullivan LLP have mastered the ability to diffuse sensitive and emotionally charged claims in a way that minimizes risks while optimizing the opportunity for successful outcomes for the firm’s clients.  In doing so, Siesennop & Sullivan LLP has developed a specialty in handling high exposure claims and a reputation for aggressively trying cases that deserve to be tried.

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